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  djbeadle a182a6fe67 Improve layout on smaller devices, add support for dynamic font sizes, 11 months ago
  djbeadle 01bdc7e3b1 Automatically upgrade to most recent version of Swift 11 months ago
  djbeadle 0b1841807e Changed build and version numbers 2 years ago
  djbeadle 2a1b2ad09a Changed the display name of the today extension. 2 years ago
  djbeadle 1635c9d433 Added today widget! 2 years ago
  djbeadle 6a5ccba38d Removed the alpha channel from the App Store icon, added a key for HealthKit to Info.plist, and submitted to the iTunes Connect for review! 2 years ago
  djbeadle 8f6752659e Commented all print statements 2 years ago
  djbeadle 2438a898c2 Fixed typo 2 years ago
  djbeadle 0af87b8d57 Renamed everything. 2 years ago
  djbeadle 257692a565 Scaled to fit iPhone 5s screen size. 2 years ago
  djbeadle b9546184f8 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' 2 years ago
  djbeadle b5a8bc7837 Redid the main screen view controllers. Improved the color scheme of dark mode. 2 years ago
  Daniel Beadle c4591ad152
Update README.md 2 years ago
  djbeadle 418b295055 Dark mode now works. I couldn't help myself. 2 years ago
  djbeadle b39d6cb43f Dark mode... almost works! Just need to figure out how to set the colors on the date picker. That's enough for tonight, though. 2 years ago
  djbeadle 21455559bf Redid constraints on info page 2 years ago
  djbeadle 8b2a3d6e0d Fixed some URLS, optimized some PNGs. 2 years ago
  djbeadle 38c350daec Optimized the size of the app icons. 2 years ago
  djbeadle 7698814c6a Added info view 2 years ago
  djbeadle 4776c42b93 Added app icons! 2 years ago
  djbeadle bfc9d3d404 Updated README.md with link to privacy policy and #TODO items 2 years ago
  djbeadle 3d683fa6c5 Clear feedbackDisplay when the values are changed. 2 years ago
  djbeadle a11b5692ba 50% reduction of image size 2 years ago
  djbeadle 1104a545dd Added screenshot of the app in action 2 years ago
  djbeadle bcc061de65 Removed the ability to read past data from HealthKit 2 years ago
  djbeadle 0db9a48af8 Added README 2 years ago
  djbeadle fa09acb716 Visual feedback for success / failure saving to HealthKit 2 years ago
  djbeadle 106293242b Successfully logs to HealthKit! 2 years ago
  djbeadle 9604dc42f8 Very basic framework is working! 2 years ago
  djbeadle ff187b2142 Initial Commit 2 years ago