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Setting up the development environment

Prerequisites Python3 and Pip (install guide), virtualenv (install guide), and git (another install guide).

  1. Clone the repository

  2. Navigate to the repository's top level (the level with ‘’, ‘requirements.txt’, the folder ‘app’, etc)

  3. Create a virtual environment with python 3 and enter it (guide here)

  4. Install the required python packages from requirements.txt (guide here)

  5. Create a copy of ‘’ in the same directory called ‘’ and fill it in with your secrets. ‘’ already has an entry in ‘.gitignore’

  6. Set the Flask environment variables


export FLASK_ENV=development
export FLASK_APP=myapp

Windows CMD:

set FLASK_ENV=development
set FLASK_APP=myapp

Windows PowerShell:

  1. Run it!
flask run

Tips & Tricks & Notes

How do I run code on application startup?

Put it in /app/

How do I run this under Apache?

  1. Install Apache

  2. Install the appropriate version of mod_wsgi for your distribution and version of Python.

  3. Download this project and set it up based on the instructions in the previous section, Setting up the development environment

  4. Add an Apache virtual host with the following details

WSGIDaemonProcess fugue python-home=[PATH_TO_VIRTUALENV] home=[PATH_TO_PROJECT_HOME]
WSGIApplicationGroup %{GLOBAL}
    Options FollowSymLinks
    AllowOverride None
    Require all granted

Example variable values are as follows:

  • PATH_TO_VIRTUALENV: "/home/djbeadle/flask-template/venv/"
  • PATH_TO_PROJECT_HOME: "/home/djbeadle/flask-template”
  • PATH: “flask_template”
  • PATH_TO_CONF_WSGI: "/home/djbeadle/Daniel-fugue-take-home/conf.wsgi”
  • PROCESS_GROUP_NAME: “flask_template”
  1. Restart Apache and see if it works!

  2. Tweak your project's home directory permissions if Apache can't access it.

Build and Test

Tests can be run from the root directory with the command