Dev Enviroment

Mostly for my own future reference:

13” Retina MacBook Pro 2014
2.8 GHz Intel Core i5
16 GB RAM, 256 GB

Hardware Tinkering Stuff:

CoolTerm: Simple graphical terminal emulator

SerialTools: Available on the Mac App store. Nifty little terminal emulator.

Etcher: Burn SD cards and USB drives with great ease.

Fritzing: For diagrams

Arduino: Both vanilla and with the ESP8266 Arduino Core

Raspberry Pi:

PiBakery: Easy way to configure SD card images

ApplePiBaker: Easy GUI to backup Raspberry Pi SD cards


Airmail: Gmail-centric email client. Great with lots of accounts.

Textual: For the occasional IRC chat.

Thunderbird: solely for mail merges. Best way to get people to respond? An email with their name on the very first line.

Keybase: Because I like the idea of privacy. How often do I actually use it? Rarely.


Firefox: Love the browser, love Mozilla. With these settings performance on Mac is much improved.


Spotify: I will be very dissapointed when my half-price student subscription runs out.

Fog: Unofficial Electron based client for the Overcast podcast app.

Boom 2: System wide equalizer for macOS

File Management

Compare Folders: Does exactly what the name implies.

Disk Inventory X: I always seem to run out of disk space.

FileZilla: For all of your file transferring needs.

ImageOptim: Everything going on a webpage goes through this first.

Text Editors

MacDown: Wrote this with MacDown!

Sublime Text & Visual Studio Code: Haven’t settled on one or the other.





Workspaces: “Remembers your stuff. Launches it for you”

Amphetamine: Keeps your Mac awake.

TinkerTool: Great for modifying harmless macOS settings that aren’t exposed via Control Panel.

OpenEMU: Still haven’t beat FireRed yet.

Better Touch Tool: Gestures. All the gestures.

Deliveries: And it’s corresponding iOS app

VMware Fusion: Expensive, but useful.