ADK Marcy & Haystack

3 Days, 2 High Peaks (plus Little Haystack!)

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  #   Friday Night  

We took Friday off and drove the 6 hours from NJ north to the ADK Loj just south of Lake Placid. After renting a bear canister and rearranging the snacks we hiked two miles in to Marcy Dam where we camped for the night.

We planned to hike out of the backcountry Saturday evening, get dinner in town, and go to a real campground with real showers so we packed all our gear up and hit the trail first thing in the morning.

  #   Saturday  

First stop Indian Falls!

Curse my mortal enemy, condensation on the camera lens!!

As we ascended Haystack Mountain the clouds rolled in past us covering Mount Marcy and spattering us with a little cold rain.

And that's all the photos! At this point we had to scramble off the ridge before it got too dark and dangerous! We were pretty tired when we got back to Marcy Dam and decided that we were well-equipped enough to stay out for another night before hiking back to the car Sunday morning.