Central Coast 2022


Things that catch my eye around town.

Scotland 2022

Hiking Ben Nevis and the Cairngorms

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ABC Concert 2022

March 26th. Three Dollar Bill.

Ample Hills Bike Tour

Ample Hills is a small, Brooklyn based ice cream chain. Several locations have special flavors and we decided that we were going to try them all in one day!

ADK Marcy & Haystack

3 Days, 2 High Peaks (plus Little Haystack!)

Oregon Desert Trip

Hiking on Steens Mountain

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

A photo journal of one rural community's inevitable march towards urbanization

Kansas Birds in the Snow

Birds. Snow. Snow birds.


Valheim is a survival game for people who don't like survival games.

Manhattan Corners

It's really just corners

L-Train Brass Band at the Pine Box Rock Shop on Halloween

ADK High Peaks Instagram Story

Two days in the freezing cold is an adventure, any more than that is a punishment.

BLM Protests in NYC

Following the killing of George Floyd by police protesters have taken to the streets to protest police brutality.

COVID-19 in Manhattan

Pictures from NYC during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Caitlyn and Samuel get Married

After changing their plans several times due to COVID-19 Caitlyn and Sam held a small outdoor ceremony in the Lehigh Valley