Oregon Desert Trip

Hiking on Steens Mountain

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  #   Driving North  

We spent three days driving from the Central Coast of California to Steens Mountain; it could be done in two but we made a long stop in Chico to see relatives.

Cows in Kings County
"Obviously I'm going to tell you if I see any good cows"
We didn't stay here but I liked the sign!

  #   On and Around Steens Mountain  

There are three river crossings across the Big Indian Gorge trail
The last stretch of the trail was hot, dry, and exposed so Kobe got to ride in style

  #   Sunrise  

On Monday morning Mom and I left our campsite at 4:30am to see sunrise over the East Rim Overlook.

Behind the peak is the Alvord Desert, a dry lake bed
Looking west towards Iron Mountain