Ample Hills Bike Tour

Ample Hills is a small, Brooklyn based ice cream chain. Several locations have special flavors and we decided that we were going to try them all in one day!

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  #   Ample Hills #1: Chelsea  

Special Flavor: Chelsea Morning

Special flavor: "Chelsea Morning"

  #   Ample Hills #2: Astoria  

Special flavor: Nectar of the Queens

  #   Ample Hills #3: Prospect Heights  

No special flavor here but I had the It Came From the Gowanus because it's amazing.

We weren't originally planning on stopping here but it was on the way so....

  #   Ample Hills #4: Prospect Park West  

Special Flavor: Meet me on the Long Meadow

We ended our day in Red Hook!

Most of the group dispersed at this point... except for those of us who needed the final special flavor!

  #   Ample Hills #5: Red Hook  

Special Flavor: The Hook