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Inhaler Tracker for iOS:

A no frills app to log your inhaler usage to HealthKit

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BeReal Notification Times

My crowd has been enjoying the app BeReal recently. The world is split up geographically in to zones; every user in each zone recieves a notification at the same time which is randomly chosen each day.

I’ve started keeping track of those times. US data is the best but hopefully I can record the others too going forward:

BeReal Calendar

Supporting Music in Brooklyn (Literally!)

The L Train Brass Band is a community brass band from Brooklyn open to all.

We try to have as much music as possible memorized for parades (it’s more fun that way!) but for some low-key gigs and rehearsals we read music off the page. Many of us like to use our phones to read our music.

Weather Cal Custom Component

I’ve been using the iOS Scriptable app and the fantastic Weather Cal widget to have an information rich homescreen for a while now. The built-in COVID widget only had data to the country level but I wanted to see the New York Times’ data at the US county level.

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