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Inhaler Tracker for iOS

A no frills app to log your inhaler usage to HealthKit

What does this app do?

It lets you record the number of times you used your inhaler and records that as a time stamped data point in Apple's HealthKit. From there you can view it in lovely graphs and export it as CSV data.

Why did you make this?

I have asthma and when I was getting my rescue inhaler prescription refilled my doctor said, "Keep track of how often you use this and in a couple weeks we can see if you also need a maintenance inhaler." I couldn't find a simple way to record every time I used my inhaler, so here we are.

Why would you want to do that?

It can be helpful to know how often you're using your inhaler. This app WILL NOT tell you if your inhaler is effective and it WILL NOT tell you if you're using it too much. Consult with a medical professional to determine the proper solution for you.

Does it support multiple inhalers?

Unfortunately HealthKit only records "Number of Doses" and "Date and Time" for inhaler usage, so this app can't differentiate between different inhalers. I made this app specifically to track my asthma rescue inhaler usage, but there's no reason why a different type of inhaler can't be used with it. If HealthKit adds this ability in the future, that would be a great feature.

How much does it cost / how does it make money?

This app is free, and there are no advertisements in the app! There's no server backend, so the only cost to me is the price of listing it on the app store. I found it useful, and I hope others do too!

Is the source code available?

Yes! You can view the source code of this application on Github at https://github.com/djbeadle/InhalerTracker

Can I suggest a feature / report a bug?

Please do! I can be reached at InhalerTracker@gmail.com

What is your privacy policy?

This app doesn't do anything with your data besides record it in HealthKit. It doesn't judge it, share it on social media, perform machine learning on it, or store it to a blockchain. You can see the full policy here.

The main screen of the Inhaler Tracker app:

The dark mode is a little easier on the eyes:

The inhaler usage screen in the Health App:

Populated with data from Inhaler Tracker!

Developed by Daniel Beadle in 2018 DanielBeadle.net

App Icon made by Freepik from www.flaticon.com