Temperature Sensors Part II: Grafana

Recording temperature into InfluxDB isn’t very useful if I can’t visualize it. Thanksfully, Grafana exists.

This is post number II in a series describing my DIY temperature and humidity sensors.

Part I: InfluxDB Settings
Part II: Grafana
Part III: The Hardware
Part IV: PCBs and Programming
Part V: Assembling PCBs & Future Plans

Grafana Setup

I have Grafana running on the same webserver as this website, configured with two different data sources:

  1. My InfluxDB server (Currently a Raspberry Pi)
  2. The DarkySky.net plugin for an approximate idea of the outside temperature (Plotted as apparentTemperature on the graph below)



Actual Graphs

Below is a “snapshot” of the data my temperature sensors collected between Oct 22nd and Oct 29th, 2018. To make it load quickly I’ve set the resolution to 30 minutes (each point on this plot is the average of the past 30 minutes).

Temperature Graph

click here to view it in a new window

I’m also collecting relative humidity data:

Relative Humidity Graph

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